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Wardrobe Detox

Having organised storage makes life so much simpler, makes your environment clutter free and you always know where everything is. So no more wasting time looking for things. 

We tackle any storage unit that lives in your house or office. We declutter, organise and label. And if you need extra storage we work out what system is best for your home and then help you buy it or design it.  

We have come across many different wardrobes and they all had one thing in common: they were overflowing with unwanted clothes. Clothes that were no longer fitting, had not been worn for years but kept ‘just in case’ or clothes that had been bought for no reason.


We can help you sort, select and organise your clothes and accessories in a way that fits your life. We can create outfits that you love, identify staple items that underline your style and create a wardrobe that is tidy, ready and ordered.

If you want to discuss your wardrobe clearance, please get in touch on 07966 282138 or send me an email.

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