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How it works

Is this for me?
All kinds of people use Thinktidy services.  Professionals with little spare time, busy mums, small businesses, families who are moving to a new home or anyone who is overwhelmed by life. Some people think about this for a long time before they contact us as are afraid of their personal space being scrutinised and probed. We can assure you that our relationship would be strictly confidential, no judgement is made at any time, personal information and data are protected. We will have the last word on any decision.


Reaching out

It all starts with a phone call or email if you prefer. We will answer any questions you might have as well as finding out about your circumstances and your end goal. 


The assessment

We arrange a time for us to meet and discuss your needs in detail. We spend one hour understanding how we can help you and getting to know each other. Trust and clarity are key to a successful outcome and we will do our best to give you an idea on the number of sessions needed to make a change. Sometimes it takes only one session to find the solution and some others might require more. We will decide together. We will make a plan of action that works for you.   


At this point, we will give you a copy of my Terms & Conditions for you to read and sign before the work starts.

How much does it cost?
Each project is different and therefore Thinktidy offer different price structures. Generally, a session will cost you £70/hr (1 team member) but some clients prefer to set up a retainer (long term) and some others prefer to have their project priced as a whole. We will find what is right for you at the first meeting.
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